A la Carte Sheets

A la carte sheets
Box sizes: W:1.5" H: 1.9"
Printed on premium matte or glossy paper. 
Sticker sheet is an approx 5" x 7" inches.

Premium Matte: A matte paper which brings out the best in colors. Works with most pens.
Glossy: A permanent paper with a photo finish. Not all pens may work 


Foil is only available for glossy paper. Due to the nature of foiling, minor imperfections may occur. 

All sheets are available on premium matte paper but only select few are available with foil. Check the following to see what sheets can be included with foil.

 Sheet Premium Paper (no foil)
Glossy with Foil
Functional Icons
Functional Boxes
Full Boxes
Check Boxes
Functional Deco
Washi + Deco
Functional Labels
Functional Extras

Computer monitors can vary the colors in the photos and prints.


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